A Liberating Binding

The body in the mirror has recognizable features. Marks and scars that connect to memories, some specific, others more general, more feeling. The body in the mirror consists of light bouncing off of matter then bouncing onto a shiny reflective surface. An illusion.

The body under my fingertips consists of the response of mechanoreceptors embedded deep in the flesh which have initiated action potentials that drive down an ionic highway to a brain which interprets these signals through a complex labyrinth of apophenia. Although perhaps the initial reception of information by the mechanoreceptors has a strong relationship with actual information, the subsequent rendering of this information by the brain creates an illusion out of it.

The body through the lungs is a convenient locus for all kinds of information relating to its general health and emotional well-being. Shallow breath, fast breath, harsh breath, breath that starts and stops or stops and starts. These may all be interpreted to mean very different things. Between the action of breath and the interpretation of it lies the illusion because beliefs about the body at this level have a reasonably demonstrable tendency to eventually manifest.

What remains when no thoughts bubble their way up through the mind? A mirror? Where does the mind manifest in the body? Nowhere? The space between the particles (which make matter)? The sum of all electrical impulses? These questions have no good answers. Sharpen yourself constantly.

Stare at a person long enough and in your mind they become you. The complex human perceptive apparatus will eventually turn them into a mirror. The illusion thus turns in on itself and becomes something altogether useful and essential. Siddhi here will manifest as something that looks like the ideal strong love and devotion. What at first, intellectually, seems self-centered becomes a constant illustration of and much easier way to practice the golden rule.

When it is undignified the person who has become a mirror reflects all of your personal insecurity back at you. When very undignified they appear as a demon personified, representing all of your repressed fears and self-loathing. Exorcising yourself early to defeat and destroy these demons is one way out of this trap. It can be messy and may lead to complete insanity. A skillful practitioner always comes back. The binary opposite to this appears like bhakti yoga, the other person becomes transfigured into the object of pure “divine” devotion. Like a coconut in the grocery store.

Further initiation may be indicated. The classical method includes the bringing together of families, the spending of money, the wasting of food, loud music, dancing and drunken embarrassment. Instead take back the agency. To bind two into one is alchemy. An alembic is required. A trial: physical, mental and emotional. Exhaustion and Gnosis hand in hand. A ritual device to signal the beginning of something.

This something, how do you want to shape it? What seeds can you plant initially to unfold in that shape? Marriage creates a golden opportunity to utilize the liminal state to affect change, what type of change?

Run interference on control, run interference on predictability and you run interference on expectation: the greatest enemy of all.

Love itself changes reality. Love itself alters conciousness. Love itself can shake the universe. The heart swells and dances on its waves as two oscillating vibrations overlap and become a single unifying mantra. Love can transfigure monsters into art. Love can peel back the skin of the world and teach magic. Love gives power up to those engaged in it. Its simple action is available to all. But like all enchantments it appears fleeting, fickle and difficult. To find someone who means what she says, to find a match in devotion, and a person who tolerates strange and lengthy practice. In the beginning shapes change and it becomes easy for a time to pretend to these things. To find someone suited to these things seems an impossibility.

The vibration of the heart happens at a certain pitch and frequency. In love two vibrations meet here and unify. The end result can be dissonance and dischord, or it can be a type of stale harmony. A chaotic symphony or a meandering waltz. But look when two hearts peal with a pure vibration, and the layers of these vibrations sounds as if one vibration completes the other, and the others completes the one, then they become the mantra used to manifest something new altogether, a vibration that creates the space for the impossible to become possible.