page 9, book 2

If I get stuck on a page, the most effective means I know of to get through that wall is to sit still and go for Dharana. It snowed today, and so I decided not to drive all the way to baltimore to the cabinet shop to make $160. Instead I stayed in and have been working on page 9 of the second issue. I had a slow start this morning. Yesterday I lifted and moved cabinets long distances for most of the day. I had most of the page sketched out already, just loose layouts I had been gradually tightening up. This page has been incredibly difficult to get out of my head AND the holidays have given me less uninterrupted time so it's been slower going then usual. This tends to eventually aggravate some old dwindling demons. So this day off was a blessing. From the semi tight sketched I got about 7/8 of the page pencilled tightly. But the last little bit required that I draw "walking". Ohmnath is moving through space, so a map with his walking route, and a panel between the before and after Brahmari Babas to show that he has walked. I showed the rougher pencils to Pauline last night and asked her what she thought. In this panel I had two hastily sketched legs and feet shown from the side that were in the middle of walking. "You should put something more iconic there, like what you did in the last book." Still couldn't get it out today, went through a dozen thumbnails. Today I finished my tight pencils and breathed deeply seven times. Then I crawled downstairs and sat in Padmasana and went for Dharana. Now I'm pouring over a book of yantras looking for feet I know that I saw.