What we conceive of, and perceive as, reality constantly changes because of human neuronal tendency-as-unto-compulsion, to error correct. The Real tends toward construction by conversation rather than by jackhammer. Information enters the nervous system and immediately plunges through the storehouse of past sensory impression in emotional centers, memory centers, etc.(!) grabbing countless pieces of data to amend the incoming transmission. Deeply seated impressions in 'memory' grow stronger with every new connection. This data then feeds an adaptive mechanical process that produces a sense of stable cognition. When this machinery gets clogged with data we freak out. Sense impressions that can find no attachment to articles in the hall of memory or impression can cause all kinds of strange things to happen. Anger, disgust, hatred, elation, ekstasis, samadhi. To stop having this conversation, though, what would remain of 'life'? Give no power to the White Worm.

Vultures eating roadkill.